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Realizing Peace

I have been very successful in business throughout my life, I have children and a wonderful marriage, and I also have the many commitments and responsibilities that usually land on the far side of anything one would consider peaceful.  I assumed this hurried, hectic life as normal and pressed forward in a daze of unconscious living.

That is until I realized that we have a choice.  We have a choice to walk through this dream of a life in an unconscious state moving to this distraction and to that obsessive thought; or, we can stop.  We can see the beauty around us.  We can see the beauty in others.  We can stop thinking.  Stop acting.  Stop moving. We can simply be.

Glimpses of my true self – the self beneath all of these thoughts and roles and responsibilities – became evident.  Just glimpses, though.  I found there were actually two of “me.”  There existed my thoughts – that continuous reel of worries, fears, questions, guilt, and so on that continually waged a battle of back and forth in my head… and, then, there was the real “I” – this strange observer to these thoughts.

My journey now has become to clear away the impostor “I” (the continuous player of thoughts and incessant chatter in my mind) and let the people around me as well as myself experience my true essence.   The same essence in all of us.